Air Parcels

Shipping Parcels by Air

Logistics Complex counts on numerous contacts with multiple air carriers that serve the globe. That way, it is possible to get your parcel delivered quickly to the desired location. Our vast array of contacts allows us to offer a multitude of options. Whether it’s:

  • Directly to your client’s door
  • To the nearest airport
  • To a construction site
  • Any other location

Our partners assure we will find your final destination.

It is well understood that prices may vary depending on the options you choose. We present you with all the options for you to make properly informed decisions to fit your needs. This is why our clients appreciate Logistics Complex!


Palletized shipments

Logistics Complex has commercial agreements with large air transport carriers on both the domestic and international level. Logistics Complex can also palletize your merchandise for you. Thanks to our buying power, Logistics Complex is able to consolidate your shipments with certain airports around the globe. It is therefore possible to deliver your shipment:

  • Direct to your customer’s door
  • To the nearest airport
  • To a construction site
  • To any location

Our experts are sure to find your final destination.

Contact one of our specialists at Logistics Complex to discuss the different possibilities for pricing, transport delays and packaging requirements.

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