Regardless of the final destination for your shipment, it is possible to use different modes of transport.

Logistics Complex experts will be happy to assist you in making the right choices that will serve you best!


Loading cargo to boeing

Air shipments

Logistics Complex counts on its numerous affiliations with different air carriers that traverse the globe. Our vast array of contacts allows you to count on a multitude of options to deliver your merchandise to the country you desire, anywhere in the world.

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Road Shipments

Logistics complex uses North America’s vast network of Road and Rail carriers to deliver merchandise all across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Whether it is in Parcel or in Freight, we offer a key in hand service that tracks your shipment from origin to final destination. Our vast connections offer you the chance to ship your merchandise, Dangerous Goods or regular, by ground, anywhere in North America.

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merchant container ship
Sea Shipments

Logistics Complex has developed an expertise that allows us to ship our clients’ merchandise overseas. Although slower, this method may prove less expensive. With our vast array of partners and contacts, Logistics Complex is able to ship your products by sea with ease!


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