Logistics Complex handles the packaging of your parcels with strict conformity to the

various regulations for each mode of transport.


Dangerous Goods Shipments

For every classes


Logistics Complex has earned its good name through our specialization in the packaging and handling of Dangerous Goods. Whatever the Class of the Dangerous Goods, Logistics Complex can assist you in routing your merchandise to the correct destination.

  • Packaging conformity
  • Obligatory documentation
  • Adequate Markings
  • Shipping software
  • State Variations
  • Operator Variations
  • Inner packaging quantity compliance
  • And more…


Regular shipments

For every products

The image of shelves in the warehouse

Just like our name implies, Logistics Complex specializes in just that, complex logistics. Imagine what we could achieve with regular shipments!

It happens. A shipment that seems simple enough encounters a complex issue that needs resolving to be delivered. Logistics Complex can help!

Because of our buying power, Logistics Complex can save you time and money!




The necessary documentation for shipping merchandise can quickly become a puzzle for any shipper. Over the years, Logistics Complex has acquired experience that could help with getting the necessary documents.

Whether they are:

  • TSCA
  • Commercial Invoices
  • H.S. Codifications
  • B-13 forms
  • FDA

You can count on the team at Logistics Complex!

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