Logistics Complex is, at its core, an enterprise that specializes in the shipping of Dangerous Goods.

A leader in the niche market of Dangerous Goods shipping, Logistics Complex counts on a multitude of clients that channel their Dangerous Goods shipments daily from point A to point B. It is our knowledge and personalized follow-up services that sets us apart from our competition. Whether it is by air, by road, or by sea, you can consult with our experts for the best mode of transport for your product as well as the destination country.

Logistics Complex resolves complicated shipments.

Imagine what we can do for your regular shipments!

Logistics Complex clientele have quickly come to realise how easy it is to deal with the experts here at Logistics Complex. This is why, more and more shippers consult with Logistics Complex not just for Dangerous Goods specialisation, but also as logistics consultants capable of helping with shipments in general.

No matter what your questions are, the experts here at Logistics Complex will work to find the best answers to your questions!